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Hello, I'm Mateja Lukežič, an illustrator specializing in bringing stories to life within children's books, magazines, and various licensed products, including toys, cards, and fabric. With a passion for visual storytelling, I craft vibrant and enchanting illustrations that captivate young minds and ignite their imaginations. I work in digital media.


I make happy and colourful illustrations for products, magazines and children's books. If you are interested in my work or in licensing my designs, I would love to hear from you. E-mail me at or use a contact form.

Beyond illustration, I am a passionate film educator dedicated to nurturing young minds in the art of visual storytelling. Through workshops and guidance, I help budding storytellers uncover the power of expression, empowering them to craft narratives.

Before delving into illustration and film education, my path commenced as a graphic designer. Driven by a quest for a more expansive creative platform, I pursued higher education. This pursuit led me to the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, where I earned a degree in Scenography. Continuing my pursuit of broader creative horizons, I furthered my academic journey at the Academy of Arts at the University of Nova Gorica, achieving a second degree in 3D Animation.

Throughout my professional journey, I've actively contributed to various projects in renowned establishments such as the Puppet Theatre of Ljubljana, Mini Theatre, the Ana Desetnica festival, Kinodvor, and Mala ulica. These experiences enriched my understanding of storytelling, visual expression, and the diverse facets of artistic creation.

Selected clients: Scholastic, Tiger Tales, National Geographic, MollyBee Kids.                           Represented by Lemonade illustration agency


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